Why this blog? 

What began as dream for a safe space for new Instructional Leaders to be vulnerable in their leadership fumbles, has now morphed into an all-encompassing wellness blog for educators at all stages of their leadership development. Maybe it is your first year in the classroom, you are ambitious and have big dreams to be the best practitioner for your students – but how will you sustain that work? How will you balance your dreams and your well-being? Maybe you are an Instructional Coach, or building leader who has been burning the candle at both ends. How can you take back control and ensure your professional responsibilities do not overshadow your personal health?

As educators, we work over 50 hours a week on average. Research also shows that we experience more day-to-day stress at work compared to our peers in other industries.

Lots of stress and long hours does not a healthy teacher make. If you are not physically healthy, you are not mentally healthy. If you are not mentally healthy, you cannot be all that your scholars need you to be. In comes this blog.

I will post about evidence-backed instructional practices, leadership advice, and tips to maintain your overall mental and physical health. I also invite you to be a guest author! If there is something you would like to share, let’s collaborate and feature your post here on The Goldin Rule. Contact me to learn more!

The ‘Goldin’ Rule.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – paraphrased Matthew 7:12

“Do not impose on others that which you yourself do not desire” – Confucius

“Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful” – Udanavargu, 5:18

I live my personal and professional life by this principle, which across faiths and belief systems all boil down to essentially the same understanding: Do no harm. Be considerate and conscious of others. Just. Be. Nice.

I believe in the cultivation of joy, in leaving things better than you find them, and in making others feel valued, supported and empowered. In the work of instructional leadership, this means always reflecting on how our actions affect those around us – from teachers to students, from parents to paraprofessionals. I believe in putting positive energy out into the world, and in acting with good intentions. All of this is wrapped up in ‘The Golden Rule”, and I believe that these beliefs have the power to transform schools, communities, and our world at large, for the better.

Fill Your Buckets. 

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy we cannot self-actualize, or empower those around us to self-actualize, without ensuring that we are of sound physical mind and body.

This blog emphasizes strategies and advice for new, emerging, and even veteran leaders to ensure your physical building blocks are strong, in order for you to have the energy and resilience to put your best foot forward as a catalyst for change in your building. You can not do well for others, if you are not also doing well for your physical self. I hope that you find tips and recipes to nourish your body and mind, in order to nourish and grow your instructional practices

Embarking on the Journey.

My hope is that this blog gives you validation; I want this space to show you that you have a partner in your instructional leadership struggles. I hope my writings challenge you to reflect, and I hope in commentary you can challenge me as well.

I hope to remind you that this is a journey – with winding roads and rolling hills. All the while, I want to remind you that we are human; we make mistakes, we say the wrong thing, we get deep in our feelings and sometimes it is hard to wade our way back out. What matters most is that we regroup, push onward and focus – ultimately – on what matters most in our line of work: our students.


Happy Reading!